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Our revolutionary webcam eye tracking platform delivers

unparalleled insights into the effectiveness of your design.

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Webcam Eye Tracking SaaS

Our platform is democratising the way eye tracking insights are gathered and delivered. We’re only just getting started so please join our mission to make mass scale eye tracking insights affordable.
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Affordable Eye Gaze Insights

Ever wanted to run eye tracking tests on your designs, websites, adverts, videos…? Too expensive right? Well not anymore

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Optimize Your Designs

Visualise what is attracting users attention, and what isn’t. See how your users see, through their eyes.

Leverage revolutionary eye tracking technology to gain deep insights into user behaviour, design effectiveness, user testing and so much more

It’s simple, easy and affordable enabling you test early, test often, refine and optimise the effectiveness of your designs.

Affordable Eye Tracking Insights

Whether it’s testing the effectiveness of a promotional video, optimising user experience, increasing webpage conversions or informing design decisions, EyesDecide shows you exactly how users behave across any application.

Watch replays of your target audience the instant they complete the study. The advances eye gaze & mouse movement visualisations takes you inside your users head.

One Platform – Many Uses



Test, validate, optimize designs



Is your message cutting through?


User Experience Pros

Create User-Friendly Products & Experiences



Win new clients – Deliver better products


Product Managers

User test concepts, wireframes and features


Market Researchers

Mass scale eye tracking is finally here

Realtime Webcam Eye Tracking

Access users in their natural environment using our unmatched real time remote eye tracking software and any ordinary webcam. Our unique solutions doesn’t require user videos recorded or uploaded. It’s totally safe, secure and private.

Design Better

Immediately generate heatmaps and analytics to gain real insights into how users view and interact with your design.

With no need to send recording data away or process files manually, our platform provides you with interactive tools to analyse your data and generate useful insights as soon as you’ve run your study.

Revolutionary platform delivers unparalleled insights for

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EyesDecide is redefining how eye tracking is delivered and used. Currently in private beta our ground breaking platform is rapidly evolving and we want you to be a part of it. Our current platform is already being used extensively by: Designers, UX pros, Product Managers, Marketers, Conversion Optimisation Specialists; Agencies; Market Research firms and many others to gain unparalleled into effectiveness of designs such as wireframes, websites and apps,  adverts, videos, packaging.
EyesDecide is proudly brought to you by xLabs – eye, gaze and head tracking via webcam. xLabs ground breaking software delivers eye gaze and head tracking using any ordinary webcam. xLabs gaze SDK provides continuous real time interactive tracking without storing any video nor restricting users natural head movement. EyesDecide is xLabs first commercial product built to use our patented software SDK. We are revolutionising the way eye tracking is delivered and democratising its use. Bringing eye tracking insights to the masses.

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